Peter: Have your husband, partner or close relative plan a night out with just him and the kids. It could be a trip to the park, ice cream shop or even a trip to the local arcade. If not all your kids are old enough to go, take some me-time for yourself and give everyone else the run of the house, or stay home and spend some one-on-one time with your little one.

Raj: Today was a fun evening—daddy-daughter dance. Girls didn't really want to dance and are at that age where I'm not sure it's "cool" to hang out with just Daddy. Despite this initial sentiment, we all had a really good time. Even danced with the kids a couple of times! Fun evening, which was memorable for all.

Savi: I got to finish my math homework early. Sabrina and I went to the daddy-daughter dance with my dad today. I am happy to take a rest from activities so when we come home from school we are not running everywhere trying to get places. We went to dinner with three other friends and their dads and then went to the dance. I got to spend a lot of time with my dad. Normally, we would be going different places when my dad gets home from work.

Tanuja: It was another peaceful day. The younger two kids went to dinner and a dance with their dad when normally they would have many activities for a Thursday evening. I spent the evening with Nina. After she finished her homework, we went out to grab some ice cream and talk.


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