Peter: Let's get the paperwork out of the way first.

Download this chart and print one copy for each of your children.  PDF

Have them list each activity and explain why they like it—or why they don't. You'll notice there's an extra column at the end of the chart. Leave that blank and put the charts away for safekeeping. You'll need them again on Day 7.

Now that's done, it's time to sit down as a family. Forgotten what that's like? Prepare a real family meal to honor your bond. Make your family's favorite food, break out the best china and have a meal together in your dining room. Don't rush and focus on the meal, your family and the shared time together. Use the time to reconnect, to talk about what's been lost in the shuffle of activities and how you can get that back as a family. Go around the table and take turns saying one thing you'd each like to do together as a family this coming week.

And don't forget to take a moment to congratulate yourselves. The journey you are embarking on could very well change the course of all your lives.

Tanuja: Today was the first day of our challenge. On any given week ,we have about 40 hours of activities for all three kids. Gymnastic, tennis, piano, horseback riding, Science Olympiad, tutors, cheerleading and various other school activities.

The kids got home at 3:30. Homework was done very fast! Because I was not driving anyone around, I had the time to make a nice family dinner. I asked the kids if they wanted to sit in the formal dining room (which our family has never eaten in...don't know why). They were so excited for this little thing! We had a nice family dinner, which we would have normally not done on Monday.

Watch the Rathis share their hopes for the week at dinner.  Watch

I had time to sit down and talk with each of the kids, one on one about their day. I did catch my eldest, Nina, who had finished her homework, playing on her Nintendo game (which she never has the time to do). I did actually worry that if we got rid of activities that our kids would plug into technology more. All in all, it was a pretty peaceful day, and I enjoyed not having to pick up and drop off anyone today!


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