What if you were finally given something you've always wanted? Something you've been dreaming about since childhood. Would you treasure it and use it every day—or would you leave it on a shelf to collect dust, an afterthought in your otherwise busy life?

Unfortunately, many families are choosing to ignore the greatest gift ever given—one another. For many, life has become a frantic schedule of activities and carpools. Meals are had on the run, and by the time everyone's home and schoolwork is finished, no one has the energy for anything else but sleep. Each day is an endless race against the clock, robbing families of the most nourishing part of life—connection.

It's time to take back your family. Here's the challenge: For one week, cancel all extracurricular activities. That's right—all of them. The goal of this exercise is to reconnect as a family and reduce the outside noise and relentless activity that's interfering with your time together.

Coming along on this journey with me is the Rathi family—Tanuja and Rajeev and their daughters Nina, Savi and Sabrina. To say this family is overscheduled would be an understatement—Tanuja needs a color-coded calendar to get through the week! Throughout the challenge, check The Rathi Report to see how they're doing.

The Challenge Steps: 
Day 1: Honor Your Family
Day 2: Observe and Report
Day 3: Do Something Out of the Ordinary
Day 4: Plan a Dad's Day
Day 5: A Night Out with Mom
Day 6: Plan a Family Day
Day 7: Make a Change


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