After five years, Bo fell in love for the second time. Today, the 54-year-old actress and horse enthusiast lives outside of the spotlight with her longtime love, Sex and the City star John Corbett.

John describes Bo as optimistic and down to earth. "I've never heard her say a bad thing about anybody," he says. "There was a long time there where I thought, 'Nobody can be this sweet.' But she really is. She's one of the smartest people. She speaks four or five languages. ... She's kind of a walking encyclopedia."

The couple lives on a ranch in rural California, where Bo spends most weekends horseback riding with her sisters and niece. "It's a very peaceful place," Bo says. "We don’t have any help around; it's completely private. I like keeping up the place. I like the chores."

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Bo and John have been together for nine years—is marriage in their future? "I've never been married," John says. "I think marriage is great, maybe one day we'll get married."

"We're not going to have children, so it just hasn't come up yet," Bo says.


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