As a veterinary surgeon, Susanna Hinkle Schwartz knows how badly The Animal Friends Human Society of Trenton, Ohio, needs her help.

"This shelter is 54-years-old and is severely out of date," Susanna says. "Over 50 percent of animals are euthanized each year. The facility is so poorly designed that the ventilation is poor and causes sickness to spread to healthy animals and animal waste falls onto the animals below in the cages."

Susanna gives her $1,000 challenge money to the shelter to vaccinate animals and improve conditions for them. But Susanna doesn't stop there, she offers to spay and neuter animals herself and perform whatever surgery they need!

"Hundreds of animals can be vaccinated and helped," she says. "I am very excited to help the animals that can't help themselves, and I feel very good to have boosted the spirits of everyone at the shelter," she says. "They were so excited to have received some money, as most of what they see is death and sickness of the poor helpless animals."