Kim and Cheryl help families with hospitalized newborns.

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Husband and wife Kim and Cheryl Johansen went through a difficult experience when their granddaughter was born with complications several years ago. Born with hydrocephalus, a birth defect, their granddaughter had to stay in the hospital for treatment.

Having watched their daughter go through this difficult time, Kim and Cheryl now know how difficult it is for parents separated from their babies. They decide to help other families with babies in neonatal intensive care.

They buy $300 Visa gift cards, and with help from their children, they put together gift bags for the families. The bags include picture frames, baby storybooks, classical music CDs, journals and pens. An anonymous donor contributes $800, allowing them to make more gift bags. In all, they help seven families with children in intensive care.

"We were truly humbled to be part of this challenge," Cheryl says. "We're grateful our children could participate in this project as well, giving them another experience of what it feels like to give to others."