Twenty years ago, Alec had just graduated from college when he was selected to be one of the jurors in Pamela's trial. Today, Alec still believes Pamela was given a fair trial. "I can only speak to the part I participated in, which was being a juror, and I felt we were diligent and acted with integrity," he says. "I can't speak for the rest of the mechanics of the trial, but at least for the part that I was involved with, yes, I feel it was fair."

Pamela's mother believes the jurors could have been swayed by the media because they were not sequestered, but Alec says he did not take his responsibility lightly.

"At the time, the judge made it very clear what was expected of us and to essentially sequester ourselves," he says. "I, for one, took it very seriously and never talked to anybody at home or never watched any news, so I felt sequestered."


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