Pamela's salacious trial was broadcast live on TV in New Hampshire every day. "It preempted the soap operas," she says. "It was a living soap opera for a lot of people."

During 11 days of damaging testimony, prosecutors brought out the evidence, including a recorded conversation between Pamela and another student. In the call, Pamela seems to implicate herself.

Student: He's going to say you knew about it before it happened, which is the truth.

Pamela: Right. Well, so, then I'll have to say, "No, I didn't." And then, they're going to believe me.

After 13 hours of deliberation, the jury delivered their verdict. Fowler, Flynn's friend, was sentenced 15 to 30 years for conspiracy to commit murder. In 2005, he was paroled and is now a father of three. Lattime, the boy who drove the getaway car and supplied the gun that killed Gregg, was sentenced to 18 years to life and was also released from prison in 2005.

Randall and Flynn pled guilty to second-degree murder. They both received 28 years to life and will be up for parole in 2015.

Pamela received the harshest punishment. "Natural life," she says. "I was literally sentenced to spend the remainder of my life in prison."


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