"It was really horrible," Pamela says, recalling the moment she found her husband's lifeless body. "At first, I thought he was hurt, and when I looked up, the whole house was ransacked. The first thing I thought was to go get him help because I didn't know if somebody was still in the house or not."

When the police arrived, they confirmed that Gregg was dead and began investigating what they initially believed was a botched robbery attempt.

Within weeks, investigators turned their attention to Pamela's teenage lover after a friend overheard him talking about the murder. Flynn became the prime suspect along with three of his friends, teenagers police named as accomplices.

"According to their own testimony, they were laughing about it in the car on the way home [from murdering Gregg] and talking about the thrill of killing him and the power of it," Pamela says.

Flynn and his three accomplices were arrested for the crime, but the case was not open-and-shut. In fact, it was just beginning.


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