It's a situation no one would have expected from the pretty, outgoing former cheerleader who graduated with honors from Florida State University. Although the couple seemed happy, Pamela says trouble started soon after the wedding. Just before their first anniversary, she says Gregg confessed that he had been unfaithful.

"I blamed myself for the whole thing," Pam says. "I thought it must be my fault, so really I wasn't feeling too good about myself at the time that I ended up beginning a relationship with [Billy Flynn]."

William "Billy" Flynn was a 15-year-old student at the local high school when he met 22-year-old Pamela. "I worked across the street from his school, and I was a volunteer in a self-esteem program that he was also volunteering in," Pamela says.

The two began spending a lot of time together and developed a relationship. "He made me feel good," Pamela says. Eventually, Pamela started having sex with this teenage boy.

A few months after her relationship with Flynn began, Pamela says she returned to her home one evening to find her condo ransacked and her husband, Gregg, brutally murdered.


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