Alec stands by the guilty verdict, but he says the jurors did not know Pamela's sentence would be life without parole. "That information had been kept from us," he says. "Our job was to render the verdict on the evidence, and the sentence was not our concern. So it was definitely chilling to learn the life without parole option, especially considering that the boys would be getting out of jail at some point."

Does Alec think this was a fair sentence? "No, to me personally it doesn't feel fair, but I guess it's just the system we have," he says. "[Flynn and his friends] are the ones who cut the deal. If she had cut the deal, I suspect they would still be in jail right now and she would be getting out."

Oprah: So let me ask you pointedly here. Do you think Pamela Smart should get out of prison?

Alec: I don't know. It's not my place. I feel like it was chance that put me on that jury. I tried to do the right thing. I don't feel qualified beyond that to answer anything about her fate from this point on.


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