After a reunion like Linda and Laura's, Pam says it's normal to feel a wide range of emotions. "It's a tough balancing act, and it's anticlimactic in a way because the search and the finding is such a peak. It's such a high," she says. "Then you realize that you are now in a position where you are strangers but you are supposed to feel a love, and it becomes very difficult to kind of manage it."

Adoptive parents may also experience their own ups and downs. Pam says adoptive parents should understand it's nothing personal if their children decide to search for their birth parents. "It's just a desire to know. You need to know your Chapter 1," she says. "We're not searching to trade you in. Our family is our family that we were raised with."

A foster mother's search for the girl that was taken from her

How to start your own search for a lost loved one


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