From the outside, Linda's life appears complete. She went to college on a scholarship and landed a job on Wall Street. She married and had a wonderful son. Still, something was always missing—the baby girl she gave up for adoption when she was a teenager.

At age 15, Linda says she ran away from an abusive home. After living on the streets for a few months, she returned home—and found out she was pregnant. "I hadn't experienced the feeling of love," she says. "And I thought: 'God, I'm going to have a baby, and this baby is going to love me. It's going to be my baby.'"

When she was seven months pregnant, Linda got heartbreaking news. "My social worker said, 'I just have to tell you, your mom said no way is this baby ever coming into your house,'" she says. "I just raged. It made no sense." 

Feeling like she had no other choice, Linda gave the baby up for adoption in 1968. "I knew that the last time I held her was the last time I held her," she says.

Now, Pam is helping Linda find the baby girl she loved from the start.


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