Tim left his white supremacist group.

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When he got out of prison, Tim started a family and set about indoctrinating his son to hate. "His first words were mommy, daddy, Heil Hitler, white power, the n-word," he says. "Instead of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, it would be pin-the-yellow-star-on-the-Jew." Tim says he even rewarded his son with cookies when he learned new racial slurs.

As his son grew older, Tim says he began to lose faith in the White Aryan Resistance. The tipping point came when Tim's then 3-year old son used the n-word in a grocery store. "It was an enlightening moment for me. Very scary, you know, look what I'm doing to my child."

Tim says he began plotting his exit and left the group. Later, after years of soul-searching and regret, he went to work at the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles. "I thought that maybe it was a way that I could make amends somehow to hopefully help others to steer clear of that sort of lifestyle."