Helen tells Monika that together they can start something different.

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The home in which Helen was kept a slave, where she says her childhood was stolen, still stands near Krakow. When Helen took Monika there, she says a rush of emotions came flooding back. "I felt the same feeling. Even though the villa is so deteriorated," Helen says. "But I felt like I am living there and the fear that was with me at all times, day and night."

As they stood in the room, Helen recalled how she used to look out her bottom-floor window and envy the people walking to work. "I can't explain to you what this room means to me when I was treated like a criminal," Helen says.

She also remembers Amon Goeth's ominous footsteps every morning, which usually preceded the sound of shooting. "First thing in the morning, he would walk out of the villa, 6:00, and I would hear shooting," Helen says. "He had the urge to kill."

As they stand in the room, Monika struggles with the stories she was told as a child about why her father killed Jews. Helen says those stories were lies. "This is why people are misled and they keep on. If it's repeated like that, then it will happen again. We have to start something different," Helen says.