During his golden moment, Jeff thanked his parents—Hollywood legends Lloyd Bridges and Dorothy Dean Bridges—for getting him into this "groovy business." Though they've both passed, Jeff says he knew they were watching. "I felt my folks," he says. "They were all over the place."

Jeff also said he wouldn't be where he is without his three daughters and wife of more than 30 years. "I remember running into Francis Coppola not too long ago. … He says: 'I'm giving a talk to a bunch of young actors. They're asking advice,'" he says. "I said, 'What do you tell them?' He says, 'I say the most important thing for an actor is to get married. … All the movies and the plays are all about love in one way or another. And it also gives you a reason to have a career, to support a family. It gets you involved in what life's all about.'"

Though he's enjoyed his Oscar ride, Jeff says it's already time to get back to work. "From here I go to a plane with the Coen brothers," he says. "We will fly to Santa Fe, and we will start our movie True Grit."


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