In researching the film, Aaron learned two separate lawsuits were brought against Facebook at the same time. "The defendant, the witnesses, the plaintiffs, they all walked into a deposition room, they all swore an oath, and they all came out telling three very different versions of the story," he says. "Instead of picking one and deciding 'I think that's the truth' ... I decided to tell the story of three conflicting stories."

The film caused some controversy when it was released. "I don't think any of us would want a movie made about the things we did when we were 19 years old. And if that movie absolutely positively had to be made, I know that I would want it made only from my point of view," he says. "I wouldn't want to include the points of view of people who were suing me for hundreds of millions of dollars and really had an emotional hatred for me. And those points of view have been included too."

Aaron says the movie is non-fiction. "Anything in the movie that's presented as a fact is a fact in that somebody testified to it in those deposition," he says. "I would say to anyone who goes to see a movie that starts with the words, 'The following is a true story,' I would look at that the way you would look at a painting, and not a photograph."

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