Winner of Best Drama at the Golden Globes and a nominee for Best Picture, The Social Network is based on a controversial book about the invention of Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg. The timeless story about the personal price of success was masterfully woven together by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

Aaron is a six-time Emmy winner, the genius behind the television hit The West Wing and has already won a Golden Globe for The Social Network. He's now nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay. "I'm supposed to be nonchalanting it. I'm supposed to be cool. I can't be cool," Aaron says of his nomination. "I just remember saying—it wasn't even quite under my breath, it was out loud—'Oh my God, you're an Academy Award nominee.'"

During his Golden Globes speech, Aaron sent a special message to his 10-year-old daughter: "Smart girls have more fun." Aaron says he wants his daughter to know anything is possible. "I'm nuts about fatherhood. It lives up to the hype," he says. "Doing well in school is the thing that is going to open all the doors to all the fun that you can have. I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of incredibly smart, incredibly accomplished women, and they lead very enviable lives."

How Aaron used Oscar nomination morning to teach his daughter a lesson about time zones


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