Once taking Oscar home, Susan says she kept hers in the guest bathroom. "There's a bathroom that has a number of statuettes, not just the Oscar, but all the different things ... the kids always called it the 'famous bathroom,'" she says. "But right now my Oscar got bored of being in the bathroom, and now it's on tour. The Museum of Natural History [in Chicago] took it. I lent it to them for their gold exhibition."

Holly's Oscar is in a display case next to the Academy Awards of her longtime friends Frances McDormand and Joel and Ethan Coen at the Coens' New York office. "Joel and Ethan said, 'Do you want to keep your Oscar at the office?' And I just said, 'Yeah, sure,'" she says. "We just have them as a little family down there."

And Sissy? "I'm rarely without it," she jokes. "I take it everywhere with me."


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