There have been 69 best actress winners in Oscar history—and three of those legendary ladies are getting together to relive their golden moments and reflect on life after Oscar.

Throughout her career, Sissy Spacek has been nominated six times. First nominated in 1976 for the teen scream classic Carrie, Sissy took home the gold for Best Actress in 1981 for her spot-on performance of country singer Loretta Lynn in Coal Miner's Daughter. Since then, Sissy has captivated audiences in more than 60 film and television roles.

Four-time Oscar nominee Holly Hunter is best known for playing the brilliant but neurotic television producer in the 1987 hit Broadcast News. Holly won the Academy Award for her haunting portrayal of a mute woman trapped in a loveless marriage in The Piano.

Susan Sarandon's sexy turn as a baseball groupie in the 1988 movie Bull Durham made her a star, and her gutsy performance in Thelma and Louise had women across America cheering her on. Susan had already stacked up four Oscar nominations when she won Best Actress for her role as a compassionate nun in Dead Man Walking.


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