Cashmere Oprah Sweater and Cashmere Cable Throw by Ralph Lauren

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Oprah's favorite cashmere sweater is a classic pick, but this year, designer Ralph Lauren added a few special features. First, he let Oprah choose the color for this limited-edition sweater—she picked a soft, feminine gold shade because she says it reminds her of a golden sandy beach and her cocker spaniel Sadie. Second, the sweater features a custom label that says "Ralph Lauren for Oprah." Third, Ralph Lauren paired the sweater with a luxurious home item: a matching cashmere cable throw! "This is great for your home, and great for you," Oprah says.

  • Approximate value: $498 for the sweater; $595 for the throw
  • Long Sleeve Open Placket Cashmere Sweater:; Cashmere Cable Throw: