Weight loss success stories

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Weight Loss Success Stories (2003)
One of my all-time favorite guests is David Caruso, a man who appeared on our show after he'd lost more than 300 pounds. For years it had been his dream just to sit in a Porsche. So during that show, we brought in a Porsche for him to sit in. The man opened the door and climbed inside, grinning from ear to ear.

Then a few seconds after he got out of the car and walked back toward the stage, I said, "Take a good look at this Porsche, because it is yours!" In the middle of the confetti and screaming, I looked over as he mouthed the words thank you.

One of the reasons that moment was so powerful is that I know what it takes to lose that much weight. Do you know how many carrot sticks you have to eat? What he did was incredible.