The sisters planned a fake shopping trip with Catherine to a chic Melbourne baby boutique, Bébé, where Oprah waits in the back, ready for the big reveal! The shop's owners Kelly and Carey are in on the secret and hidden cameras capture the surprise.

When Oprah walks out to "assist" the sisters with their shopping, Catherine is speechless. The surprise gets even better when Oprah reveals a baby shower in the back of the store.

The boutique was transformed into a pink-themed party, complete with flowers, candies and desserts. Special guests, including Catherine's husband Glenn and her best friend Melinda, make the party picture-perfect. When it comes time to open gifts, Oprah presents Catherine with items for a new nursery, including a crib, changing table and toys, as well as a new high chair and stroller.

"I can't believe the timing of this," Catherine says. "We've waited so long to have another child and to have it happen just when you arrive..."

"But things work out," Oprah says.

Catherine and Glenn welcomed their daughter Olivia just four days later. Mom, Dad, big sister Natalie and Olivia are happy and healthy.


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