The Stephens sisters—Leah, Diane, Bronwyn and Catherine—say they've been watching The Oprah Show since they were teenagers. "My sisters and I are all fans of Oprah," Diane says. "But, you know, Catherine is the Ultimate Viewer."

The sisters were thrilled when they discovered Oprah was coming Down Under, but there's just one problem: Catherine is nine months pregnant. "We were devastated when we found out that Oprah's taping was the day before Catherine was due to have her Cesarean," Leah says. "[Catherine] was prepared to put off her Cesarean with the hope that she might be able to get tickets ... [we said,] 'It's not happening.'"

Instead, the sisters set out to get Oprah to come to them. Producers read an email the sisters sent, and together, they hatched a plan to surprise Catherine.


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