After dinner, Oprah sits down with her new Aussie friends to learn more about the country's general attitude about everything from careers to sex.

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John, one of Megan and Paul's friends, says Australians and Americans have different attitudes about work. "I think [Americans] really live to work, and I think in Australia, we work to live," he says. "That's a really really big difference."

"Boy," Oprah says. "I think that sums it up." Another guest describes the Australian dream as, "To own your own home, a quarter-acre block, ... to have a picket fence, an outdoor barbecue."

"If you work to achieve things and you've got lifestyle balance, well, you've won," adds another guest. "We have a massive lifestyle component attached to our dreams ... things are things, but unless you can enjoy them with the people you love, you've lost. It's a big Australian thing."

Before Oprah heads off, she gives away party favors to her new friends: tickets to see The Oprah Show at the Sydney Opera House! "That was as good as it can ever get," Oprah says, reflecting on the evening. "The entire experience for me was coming to see how Aussies lived and loved and shared their lives with each other and partied. ... I got to meet real people in a real family setting."


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