There are thousands of fans who've grown up watching The Oprah Show—mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and, yes, there are even some man fans.

Larry is an ex-marine, a fisherman, a hunter, a dedicated NASCAR fan and a die-hard Oprah Show viewer. "Oprah is definitely the other woman in our father's life," says Ronda, Larry's daughter.

Every afternoon, Larry settles into a barber chair in his garage and watches the show. He'll even dole out Oprah's advice to his kids. "[He'll say], 'Well, today on Oprah she said to wear bell-bottom jeans and stilettos,'" Ronda says. "It's funny to hear your 65-year-old dad tell you what the trend is."

After years of watching her from his "man cave," it's time for Larry to see Oprah up close. To deliver the news, Oprah sent along another one of Larry's favorite people, NASCAR superstar Jimmie Johnson. "I think you have a DVD we need to watch," he says.

Oprah recorded a special invitation just for Larry. "Since it's my final season, Larry, will you and your chair please come to Chicago for the season premiere?"


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