Cathy and her friends hit the open road and take in the sights along the way. These ladies think they're getting a day of rest before the premiere show taping, but there's something Gayle didn't mention. They're actually headed straight to Harpo Studios!

The women are told that a driver is going to park the car in a hotel garage. "What they don't know is that their driver is pulling them straight into this building," Oprah says. "Our design department has really outdone themselves. Over the past few days, they have transformed our loading dock and the back half of this building into a parking garage—it looks so real, cars were actually trying to pull in to park there!"

The driver—who is in on the surprise—drives them straight through the studio...and right onto the Oprah Show stage. "Welcome to the season premiere!" Oprah says. 

Watch the ultimate road trip surprise!

Cathy and her friends are completely shocked. After catching their breath, they take seats in the front row to watch the rest of the show.


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