In 1993, Oprah met Crystal Brooks, one of her original—and youngest—Ultimate Viewers. At only 9 years old, Crystal wrote Oprah saying she wanted to be a talk show host when she grew up, so Oprah invited her to spend a day at Harpo to see what she might be in for.

Crystal's now 26 years old and teaches at Heskett Middle School, just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. "Ms. Brooks is the greatest, friendliest teacher ever," one student says.

She may not have become a talk show host, but Oprah still wants to see how her old friend is doing. One afternoon, she surprised Crystal and her students with a video message. "I couldn't imagine kicking off our 25th season without one of my original, youngest Ultimate Viewers," Oprah said. "Ms. Brooks, there is a car waiting outside right now to bring you to the airport to come to Chicago for our season premiere!"


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