Now a father with two grown children, Jackie says his Jackson 5 days feel surreal. "It feels like a dream come true," he says. "We were destined to be entertainers and stars, and we didn't know it was going to be that big."

Oprah: "What were those years like for you? Because I was one of those screaming teenagers. ... Like, 'Oh, my God, Jackie Jackson!' When you would come onstage I would always find you first."

Jackie: "Oh, really?"

Oprah: "Yes. Didn't you have lots of fan letters from girls who were sending you their love letters?"

Jackie: "Yes, but I thought all the fans were in love with Jermaine and Michael. I thought they didn't pay any attention to me. I was the oldest."

Oprah: "I was. ... I think I wrote you letters, I just didn't know where to send them."

Jackie: "Oh, you did?"

Oprah: "Yes. And I'd wake up thinking about you and wondering what city you were in."

Jackie: "Wow."


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