Oprah: Now it's the next day. Then began what?

Rielle: A series of long conversations on the phone.

Oprah: How long?

Rielle: Hours. A lot, four hours at a time.

Oprah: So the next day, you're on the phone for four hours. Several days later, you realize what?

Rielle: I'm in love.

Oprah: What are you thinking about his situation?

Rielle: Oh, this is very difficult because ... being a person who's committed to truth and living a life where you're not hiding, it's almost like a cosmic joke to fall in love with someone who's living a big lie. I had such judgment about anyone living a lie.


Oprah: Did you think about his wife?

Rielle: Oh yes, definitely.

Oprah: Did you think about Elizabeth?

Rielle: I think about his wife and his children. And it was very hard. Very, very hard. What's so hard about it is that the power of the love does override all the issues that come up and all the judgments and all my: "This is wrong. What you're doing is wrong."

Oprah: The power of the love did that.

Rielle: Yes.

Oprah: So you are obviously a person who is on a spiritual path. You've mentioned truth here several times. What part of you could make that okay then to be with this married man with children?

Rielle: Because he was available. He wanted to be with me, and their marriage had problems for many, many years.

Oprah: He had already told you that?

Rielle: He had. He has been honest with me since our first meeting completely.


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