Oprah: When you left wherever you were to go to his hotel room, was there no part of you that says, "Maybe I shouldn't do that?"

Rielle: No.

Oprah: Did you know he was married?

Rielle: I did know he was married, but I didn't know what their marriage was like.


Oprah: Did you have that conversation about helping him?

Rielle: We had a very, very long conversation, yes.

Oprah: And what did you say?

Rielle: It's a very long conversation.

Oprah: Okay, well, just summarize it.

Rielle: Just about helping, and he wanted help. He wanted to be more authentic. He wanted to live a life of truth. He wanted to change his life.

Oprah: In all this time you're having this conversation, you're also feeling this heat, this vibe, this magnetic force?

Rielle: Yes.

Oprah: And you can sense that he's feeling it too?

Rielle: Yes. It was obvious.

Oprah: And so did you stay the night?

Rielle: I think that that now I say, "Okay, now fade to black." Here's the thing: This whole journey has been so hard for me. I am a really private person with my personal life.

Oprah: But you can just forget about your personal life being private because you've been so exposed.

Rielle: No, but here's the thing. I've been so exposed with a bunch of lies, because what's been said about me—all my personal life has been written about and exposed—the facts are incorrect. It was all incorrect. That also bothers me because I am very much a person committed to truth.


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