Oprah: How did it come about that the two of you connected?

Rielle: It was nothing. Another friend of mine came to join us, and I had no more thoughts of John Edwards. Zero. Then, we were walking out of the Regency to go get dinner, and then he came around the corner and saw me standing on the street. And he lit up. He was just so excited. I mean, just lit up like a Christmas tree. White lights, just like bright as can be. I just turned to him and said, "You're so hot." And he practically jumped in my arms, and I said to him, "I can help you." And he said: "I want your help. I need your help."

Oprah: Did you feel the connection that you had sensed when he was across the room?

Rielle: Times a hundred.

Oprah:: And what did he say to you?

Rielle:: I want your help. I need your help. And I said, "Do you have e-mail?" And he said, "No. Here. I'm staying here. Call me. This is the name I'm staying under. Call me." I said, "How long are you staying?" He said, "Until tomorrow morning. Call me."

Oprah: When you said to John Edwards, "I can help you," what did you mean?

Rielle: See his authentic self. Be more his authentic self so people could see who he really was.

Oprah: How were you planning on doing that?

Rielle: I had no plans. None at all. Just my heart felt I could help him.


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