Oprah: When this is all said and done and we look back on this time of you, Rielle Hunter, the mistress and all of that, what is it you want people to really understand about what has happened here?

Rielle: All of their feelings that they're feeling and hatred that's directed toward me has to do with their fears or their anger and disappointment and sadness about their mother cheating on their father or their father or their husband or their spouse. It has to do with them, and it doesn't have to do with me, because they don't know me.

Oprah: Why can't it just be that they think that it's wrong?

Rielle: People can think that it's wrong for me to do that. They can think it's wrong for anyone to do that, but it still has to do with them thinking it's wrong. It doesn't have to do with me.


Oprah: What is the lesson in all of this for you?

Rielle: There's been a lot of them because I have become a better person from the process—more compassionate, more patient, more understanding, more aware. And so has he.


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