Instead of confessing the truth about Rielle's pregnancy, a new cover-up was concocted. John's friend and aide, Andrew Young, claimed paternity. Andrew and his wife, Cheri, went into hiding with Rielle, jetting between hotels and private homes until she gave birth. Andrew claims John came up with this scheme, but Rielle says it was Andrew's idea.

In January 2008, less than two months before Quinn was born, John dropped out of the 2008 presidential race. Later that year, John admitted to ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff that he'd had an affair, but once again, he adamantly denied he was the father of Rielle's child.

Just when John's indiscretions started to become old news, Andrew dropped another bombshell in January 2010. In his tell-all book, The Politician, Andrew says he and Cheri found a sex tape John made with Rielle.

Rielle says the Youngs took the tape from her, but the one thing she doesn't dispute was that it's her and John on the video.

For years, the media has followed Rielle's every move and questioned her motives. Who is the real Rielle Hunter? Oprah travels to the North Carolina home Rielle shares with her daughter to find out. Here are selected excerpts from their conversation.


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