Oprah: What's the status of your relationship now?

Rielle: It's private. Because what we've been through, I need a boundary. We need boundaries on our personal lives.


Oprah: Does he know you're doing this interview?

Rielle: He does.

Oprah: How does he feel about that?

Rielle: He didn't think it was a great idea, but he supports me if I feel like in my heart I need to do it.

Oprah: Do you still love him?

Rielle: Oh, very much.

Oprah: Does he still love you?

Rielle: I believe he does. You would have to ask him, but in my experience, the answer is yes.

Oprah: Has he ever told you that he loved you?

Rielle: Oh, yes. Yes. It's my experience that he loves me.

Oprah: Do you trust him?

Rielle: Very much.

Oprah: Do you want to marry him?

Rielle: I'm not sure I want to get married ever. I've been married, and I mean, I can't say never. I don't know if that's something I want. I don't need marriage to define who I am. It's not a pull for me.


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