Oprah: So let's talk about the infamous sex tape. First of all, why did you all decide to put yourselves on tape having sex? I'm assuming that's what's on the tape, right? Sex.

Rielle: There is sex.

Oprah: Sex.

Rielle: I don't think there was a lot of thought going on in the heat of the moment. It was something behind closed doors that was private, and I believe should remain private. It was meant for that, and then, after the fact of doing this, because of being a public person and because of it being taped, we said: "Well, that was not a great idea. Let's do something to prevent anyone from seeing it." We don't want anyone to see our private business. So I took action to destroy the tape and kept it in my personal belongings so no one would get ahold of the tape.

Oprah: Did you think you had destroyed the tape?

Rielle: I did think I had destroyed it.

Oprah: What did you do to destroy the tape?

Rielle: I cut it, and I pulled it out of the casing.


Oprah: Why didn't you burn it or stomp on it or throw it in the incinerator?

Rielle: Right, that was the first thought now that comes to me, "Why didn't I burn it?" I have no idea why that thought didn't occur to me then.

Oprah: Tell me this. Was John Edwards upset with you that that tape had not been destroyed?

Rielle: I think he's as mortified or exposed as I am. I mean, it's not a good thing for either one of us. It's violating on every single level.


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