Oprah: Why did you go along with it?

Rielle: That's my biggest regret.

Oprah: Why did you go along with it?

Rielle: My biggest mistake. I made a big mistake to go along with it. It took me about three days to get on board. I was fighting tooth and nail. This was just a bridge too far for me.

Oprah: Then what happens? How is it presented to you?

Rielle: They came back to me and [said] Cheri had agreed, that I was the only one who was not agreeing. I couldn't believe Cheri agreed. How could she agree to this? She was my out. I really thought that that would be...

Oprah: That his wife is not going to agree.

Rielle:: Ever going to go along with that. Ever, ever, ever. And Johnny called me back and said, "Andrew says yes and Cheri's on board, and you're the only one who won't get on board." It was a horrid time, Oprah. Devastating. Devastating.

Oprah: When you finally said yes, you said yes because of what?

Rielle: Well, because of my daughter.

Oprah: At this time, you knew it was a daughter?

Rielle: Yes, which he thought that was great. But I thought that she had so many things against her. That would be a bad thing for both of them, a really bad thing.

Oprah: What would be a bad thing?

Rielle: If she at all blamed herself for...if he got out of the race because of her, me being pregnant with her. And [if he] always had that thing in his head, "I could have been president," and some blame toward her at all. And if she somehow flipped it in her head that it was her fault coming into the world. That was too hard for me. So that was the only reason I said yes.

Oprah: So you were thinking about your daughter when you said, "Yes, I'm going to go along with Andrew." Can you honestly say to me that there's no part of you that was also thinking about yourself in that?

Rielle: No, I didn't care. Something happened in me. Maybe it was there all along, but something in our relationship happened when I became pregnant. It did not become about us anymore. It became about her.


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