Oprah: When did the National Enquirer get the picture of you?

Rielle: December 12, [2007], I believe, in North Carolina.

Oprah: You are now how many months pregnant?

Rielle: I think it was seven.

Oprah: Was John upset with you about that?

Rielle::Yes, he was extremely angry, and he screamed at me. He's not a screamer.


Oprah: Let's talk about how the [Andrew Young] paternity scheme came about.

Rielle: That was exactly in that moment. I was on the phone in Andrew's office, in Andrew's house. Johnny was screaming at me on the phone, and Andrew was sitting directly across from me. He said: "Just tell him I'll say it's mine. I'll say it's mine."

Oprah: Andrew Young said that?

Rielle: Yes, he did.

Oprah: You heard him say that.

Rielle: I heard him say that, and I looked at him like he was insane, like I was not even going to repeat it. [I thought]: "There is no way I'm going to tell him that. You are out of your mind, and that ain't happening. That was a bridge too far for me. You are not claiming paternity for my child."

Oprah: Well, you know, Andrew Young describes it a completely different way.

Rielle: Yes, I know.

Oprah: He says he got a phone call from John Edwards saying, "Will you do this?"

Rielle: Now, that may have actually happened. But this happened before that.

Oprah: Okay, you're saying...

Rielle: This was the night before that, so somehow Andrew spoke to Johnny after he suggested it to me. Because I didn't repeat it.

Oprah: So you're saying the idea for taking responsibility for being the father of your child came from Andrew Young.

Rielle: Correct.


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