Oprah: Did John Edwards ever ask you to get an abortion?

Rielle: Never.

Oprah: Implied that you should get an abortion?

Rielle: Never.

Oprah: So he was fully supportive of you having his baby.

Rielle: I wouldn't say "fully supportive." I think that he had a lot of issues with the timing, and it created a lot of conflict within him. It was not great timing from our perspective.

Oprah: Meaning he was running for the presidency.

Rielle: He was married to someone else. He was in the middle of running for the presidency. It's not great timing.

Oprah: Were you hoping you would get pregnant with his baby?

Rielle: I don't know consciously if it was hoping. I was so in love with him. When you're in love with him, that gets activated.

Oprah: Were you using birth control?

Rielle: No, we never used birth control.

Oprah: Then you knew it could happen at any time.

Rielle: I would have been fine if it happened. I was in love with him.


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