Oprah: Quinn is conceived in May [2007].

Rielle: The end of May. I didn't know I was pregnant until July.

Oprah: At what point in there did John have the announcement that [he and Elizabeth] were going to renew their vows?

Rielle: July.

Oprah: So when John Edwards is renewing his vows with Elizabeth Edwards, he knows that you are pregnant?

Rielle: Yes, he does.

Oprah: How can you make that okay? You're pregnant, carrying this man's child. You knew it was his child, because you weren't seeing anyone else.

Rielle: I wasn't seeing anyone else.

Oprah: You knew it was his child, and he is making this public...

Rielle: We both knew it was his child.

Oprah: And he knew it was his child.

Rielle: Yes, he did.

Oprah: How did it make you feel?

Rielle: Terrible. My own judgment of someone who stands before God and makes a vow crushes me on the inside. I mean, just crushes me that someone can do that, that anyone can do that, because of the way I'm built. I could never do that.


Oprah: You didn't think less of him for doing that?

Rielle: No, which is interesting because I understood where he was in his process.

Oprah: Were you hurt?

Rielle: Yes, very much.


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