Oprah surprises her neighbors, Adrianne and Scott.

In April 2007, Oprah did something she's always wanted to do. She paid a surprise visit to her neighbors, Adrianne and Scott, who live in a converted Nabisco bakery across the street from Harpo Studios.

"We've lived here for nine years, and we're so glad we're finally meeting you," Adrianne told Oprah.

During a tour of their immaculate condo, Scott and Adrianne mentioned that they love to entertain and promised Oprah an invitation to their next get-together…and she got one! The couple also invited everyone in their building—including neighbors they'd never met—to keep up the community spirit.

"Since I pretty much invited myself [to their party], I offered to help out with the planning," Oprah says.

Scott and Adrianne make a list their favorite colors, flowers, cocktails and foods. Then, when they mention who their favorite chef is…everything else falls into place!
Chef Rick Bayless meets with Adrianne and Scott.

A bowl of pretzels and a 6-foot submarine sandwich isn't what Scott and Adrianne have in mind for their indoor block party. So Oprah calls in the couple's favorite chef, world-renowned restaurateur Rick Bayless, to spice up the night with a flavorful Mexican menu.

After living in Mexico for years perfecting regional recipes, Rick opened Chicago's Frontera Grill, which was recently named the nation's best restaurant by the James Beard Foundation.

As a former Iron Chef America competitor, this chef isn't afraid to mix things up. He says the key to a mouthwatering menu is variety. To please all palates, Rick suggests his authentic Mexican tapas for Scott and Adrianne's party.

"I think your guests are just going to love it!" he says.
Giovanni the Margarita King

Since nothing goes better with Mexican food than margaritas, Oprah invites Hollywood's favorite bartender, Giovanni the Margarita King, to shake things up.

The King has a simple plan to keep the party raging—instead of serving one kind of margarita, he treats guests to a few different flavors.

Try four royal recipes the King serves at Adrianne and Scott's party.

Giovanni's specialty drink comes bottled and ready to serve for your very own summer soiree. The Margarita King, which has been awarded three gold medals by the Beverage Tasting Institute of Chicago, is made with double-distilled tequila, double-distilled orange liqueur, natural sugar cane, and lemon and lime juices. Just shake and serve!
Debi Lilly helps Scott and Adrianne choose decorations.

With festive food and drinks decided, party planner Debi Lilly is ready to coordinate the decorating details.

Debi says decorations at a party should reflect the hosts' personal style. With that in mind, she selects everything from a vibrant color scheme and festive flower arrangements to elegant invitations for Adrianne and Scott.
Oprah tries Chef Rick Bayless's Mexican tapas.

With the stage set for a blow-out bash, Oprah puts on her party dress and steps out for a night with her new friends.

Thirty of Adrianne and Scott's neighbors arrive dressed to the nines, and a live band kicks the fiesta into high gear.

While the Margarita King holds court at the bar, trays of Rick Bayless's tapas are passed through the room. Oprah makes her way to the kitchen to sample the Mexican menu, which includes goat empanadas, tacos, ceviche and crispy corn masa baked with shredded pork inside.

Rick also serves the guests Chocolate Mexicano , Churros and Mango Guacamole .

"Heaven!" Oprah says after trying Rick's tapas.

While Oprah mingles with the guests, some neighbors meet for the very first time. "This is about celebrating friends that we know and celebrating friends we don't know," Oprah says.
Michael Bublé dances with Oprah.

Oprah thinks one of the best ways to show people a good time is to surprise them…so she flew in a special guest for the big night.

While partygoers eat and drink downstairs, chart-topping crooner Michael Bublé hides in an upstairs bathroom! After an hour and a half, it's finally time for his big entrance.

"I asked one of my friends to show up here tonight, because I think you can't have a good party unless you have really great music," Oprah says.

Guests cheer as Michael emerges from his hiding place to sing a few tunes. He gets the party swinging with "Call Me Irresponsible" and "Save the Last Dance for Me" before the night comes to an end.

"I wanted to propose a toast to all of our neighbors and to our special neighbor across the street, Oprah Winfrey," Scott says. "Thank you so much."

Adrianne and Scott don't send their neighbors home empty-handed. Everyone leaves with a "Party in a Bowl" to remember the fabulous drinks, food and new friends.
Kelly and Ann talk about the indoor block party.

Adrianne and Scott's soiree was a success in more ways than one.

Kelly, one of their neighbors, says the night was one of the highlights of her life. "Dancing with Oprah was a top highlight," she says.

Ann, another party guest, says meeting her neighbors—and Oprah—was an awesome experience. "Since then, we've seen each other on the street, and we talk about [the party," she says. "Now we have more in common than just the party—we've found out so much more about each other. It's wonderful!"

Now, Oprah wants you to reach out and do something nice for your neighbors. "I'm loving this neighbor thing!" she says.
Michael Bublé performs 'I've Got the World on a String.'

Michael Bublé, who's been compared to music legends like Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin, returns for an encore performance. He's sung for sold-out crowds around the world, Oprah's neighbors, and now, her audience!

He sings "I've Got the World on a String," a song off his chart-topping album Call Me Irresponsible.