Pint-sized partners Amanda and D'Angelo made it big when they won the top prize on Live to Dance, a dance competition show, in February 2011. One of their biggest fans is none other than Paula Abdul, who's also a judge and executive producer for the show. "I have not seen many kids who have the ability and exemplify what it is to love what you're doing in the world of dance as these two youngsters," Paula says.

After winning, 10-year-old D'Angelo and 11-year-old Amanda waltzed off with $500,000! "I was really shocked, and I was really excited," D'Angelo says. "I couldn't believe me and Amanda won half of a million dollars." Amanda says she's planning to use her money to start a dance studio, where she hopes to teach children someday.

But right now, these dance partners are focused on perfecting their routines. "We really [practice] five or four hours [a day]. Sometimes, on Saturday, we do six or five," D'Angelo says. "We're, like, dancing 24/6."

Dancing must be in D'Angelo's genes—his parents Lory and Manny came on The Oprah Show in 1996 to teach Oprah how to do the Macarena!


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