As an elementary school student with a flourishing singing, dancing and acting career, Willow leads a busy life. Her favorite part of the week? Ballet class! "My teacher [Miss Brianna]'s really awesome," Willow says.

A typical day for Willow includes dance class before school, where she's taught by a tutor. Then, Willow heads home to start recording new music. Even though her schedule is jam-packed, Willow says it's "50 percent work and 102 percent fun." At times, the attention gets to be too much, but Willow says she just follows her mother's advice. "I just pretend like I'm alone," she says. "I pull myself out from the world and just do what I've got to do."

Willow also works hard at being a trend-setting fashionista, and she says it doesn't matter whether she's on the best- or worst-dressed list. "I dress according to the event and how I feel about it," she says. "Somebody likes the outfits." Same goes for her hair. "If I'm feeling groovy, I'll put a little purple in it," she says.

This rising star has a lot to look forward to, including going on tour with pop sensation Justin Bieber in spring 2011. "He's energetic and goes around the stage," Willow says. "I get to learn a lot from him. I like watching him perform."


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