This year's Best Supporting Actress Award went to Melissa Leo, who plays an overbearing matriarch desperate to turn her sons' boxing careers into the family's meal ticket in The Fighter. Like Colin, Melissa was also named as an odds-on favorite to win, but she says she played a little trick on herself so the buzz wouldn't get to her. "From all those years of going to auditions...[I learned to] leave and forget about it. I learned how to play a mind game with myself," she says.

In fact, Melissa was so blown away by her first Oscar win that she had a little slip-up: According to the Academy, she was the first person in Oscar history to drop the F-word during an acceptance speech. "I find that shocking!" Melissa says. "I grew up with it as a part of my vernacular. I accepted it as that, I brought my son up that way...but I also told him, 'Not in front of grandma!'"

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