Director Tom Hooper also took home an Oscar for the film. In his acceptance speech, he credited his mom, who he says first brought him the idea for The King's Speech. "I think she was knocked out," Tom says. "I brought her over from London for the Golden Globes, and we didn't win. I came to the DGA awards, and I thought, 'Well I'm not going to win that,' so I didn't bring her over and I did win. This was kind of my last chance, so I'm pleased it worked out."

Tom says being up on stage was a blur but he did remember one thing—he forgot to email back Hilary Swank! He says when the actress came onto the stage to present the Best Director award, he suddenly remembered that she had sent him a nice email that he never responded to.

"When I got up on the stage, I kissed her hello and I told her I'm sorry and how much I loved the email and she said, 'I can't believe you're using the Kodak Theatre and winning the Oscar to tell me that,'" Tom says.


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