She may have already reached legendary status, but Liza says she has no intention of slowing down. "I don't know why [I would]," she says, "as long as I feel good and they can keep replacing my parts."

Physically, Liza has been through a lot, including two hip replacements and a knee replacement. "I was very worried, but it works," she says. "I always said that from [the waist] up I'm Dorothy's daughter, from [the waist] down I'm the Tin Man's."

Over the years, Liza's changed emotionally as well. "You learn to take other people's opinions less seriously," she says. "With the Internet, people can say anything they want to and you cannot dispute them. ... So I think you've just got to go straight ahead and do what you want to do and do it well."

Looking back at a picture of her younger self, Liza says she's got only one message: "Hang on, honey! Here we go!"


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