Today, Jacqui says she has a much more difficult time coping and says she cries more than just five minutes a day. "It's difficult to get up when you don't have anything to do," she says. "Because in my case, [when I think] about going to school, I think about my hands, my everything is a problem."

Over the years, Jacqui has undergone more than 120 operations and says she has been struggling with chronic depression and the changes in her social life. "Some friends are gone; other friends still call me. But, no, it's not the same," she says.

In her dreams today, Jacqui says she still sees her old face and body. "It's kind of difficult because I have this physical appearance, but inside, [I am] the Jacqui I was before," she says. "So it's difficult to understand that my face is different, my body is different...because I'm the same, you know?"


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