One of the most unforgettable people who spoke out in 1987 is Jerry Waters. At the time, Jerry was a firefighter in Charleston, West Virginia—a larger town located about 80 miles away. "I decided to go to Williamson," he says. "I felt that although the good folks in Williamson would be able to express their opinions, I felt I could express mine a little more forcefully."

At the first show, he said he was in favor of quarantining AIDS patients, was "repulsed" by both AIDS and homosexuals like Mike and fiercely objected to scientific information from public health officials about how AIDS is spread. After retiring from the fire department, Jerry began a career as a radio talk show host.

Jerry says looking back on his comments from 1987 is painful. "I am a passionate person. Anyone who knows me knows I am animated, but the reason I came to Williamson was not to bash gays. I felt that that's actually what I wound up doing. And that was not my purpose to be there," he says. "I was caught up in the mob mentality"

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