In October 2010, the halls of Harpo were alive with the sound of music. For the first time since The Sound of Music debuted in 1965, all of the actors playing members of the von Trapp family reunited on Oprah's stage.

Senior producer Julie Simpson and her co-producer Julie Rashid say they developed an unexpected crush on actor Christopher Plummer. "He's so charming, and he has this commanding presence," Julie S. says. "He's a bad boy, you know? He's got it."

Julie R. had the pleasure of greeting him. "When he walked in, he had these sunglasses on and this jacket," she says. "I was like, 'Well, oh, hello' and 'At 80 years old, you're like, oh my gosh.'"

Julie S. says Christopher flirted with the entire team. "We were butter," she says.

Even Oprah says she flirted back! "I would say he's very suave," she says. "Afterwards, he was like, 'Are you going to come to Canada and see me?' I was like, 'Tell me the day, I'll be there.'"


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