In 2009, Oprah and Gayle ventured into the Lone Star State to visit the State Fair of Texas—and producers realized they had bitten off way more than the best friends could literally chew. From fried guacamole to chicken-fried bacon, producers sent Oprah and Gayle on the ultimate food quest. "Gayle and I literally ate our way through that fair," Oprah says. "If it can fit in a fryer, it's at the Texas State Fair."

After their taste test, Oprah and Gayle retreated to a trailer to recover. "We felt really bad," producer Jenna Kostelnik says. "That was a lot of food."

After the fair, Oprah says she went to a friend's house. "When we walked in, they offered martinis and tequila shots," she says. "That is not a good mixture." 

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